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In order to maintain proper social distancing, we are limiting the number of spectators that can attend a RecruitLook Hoops event. We are only taking payments online prior to the event. No cash or credit card payments will be accepted at the facility. And if you are ever feeling sick or feel like symptoms are coming on... stay home.

Each team is allowed no more than 20 spectator passes. The passes will allow entrance into the venue for the entire event. We are only selling tournament passes, no daily admissions. 


1.) Complete the FORM below to register for your event passes.

2.) Use the PAYPAL form below to submit your payment. Cost is $20 per tournament pass.

3.) AAU coaches will pick-up passes for their teams during Team Check-In.

4.) Spectators will pick-up their passes from their AAU coach. Parents WILL NOT be allowed to pick-up event passes. They must receive their passes from their AAU coach.

5.) We will have someone at the front monitoring passes. Only those with a pass will be allowed in the facility.

Step 1

Fill out the form below

Step 2

Finalize your Event Pass Registration by purchasing your passes through our PayPal below.

Sunflower Showcase July 17-19

RecruitLook Hoops Event FAN Admission - Sunflower Showcase

Columbia Showcase July 31-Aug 2

RecruitLook Hoops Event FAN Admission - Columbia Showcase

Iowa Showcase August 7-9

RecruitLook Hoops Event FAN Admission - Iowa Showcase

Omaha Showcase August 14-16

RecruitLook Hoops Event FAN Admission - Omaha Showcase