RecruitLook Hoops


It's important that each coach, athlete, and spectator read our safety guidelines before attending a RecruitLook Hoops event. We want to make sure we keep everyone in attendance safe, and that starts with being informed. We will require that every AAU coach agrees to our safety measure upon registration, and every person that enters our facilities will all agree to the safety measures. Please contact us with any questions.
And if you are ever feeling sick or feel like symptoms are coming on... stay home.


-All RecruitLook Hoops staff will perform daily symptom checks for any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. Any symptom present will result in that staff member not working or being sent home if symptoms occur while on the job.
-All RecruitLook Hoops staff members will have their temperature¬†checks as they arrive for the day. We’ll perform another temperature check halfway through their shift, and finally, another temperature check as they leave for the night.
-All RecruitLook Hoops staff members will carry personal hand sanitizer.
-All RecruitLook Hoops staff members will be required to wear a mask while inside the facility.
-All RecruitLook Hoops staff members will follow social distancing guidelines.
-All Athletes and Team Coaches will have their temperatures taken upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed in the facility.
-Everyone wear a mask while inside the facility. This includes players, coaches, staff and officials. Mask may be removed by officials, coaches and players once their assigned game starts. Following the game play, masks will be recommended.
-We will not have masks for sale at the venue. Everyone is responsible for their own mask.
-The sanitation team in charge will regularly clean commonly touched surfaces, like: benches (teams and fans), door handles, counters, table tops, and vending machines.
-Require that everyone maintain proper 6-feet social distancing inside the facility.
-We will monitor, and at times, limit the number of spectators in attendance.
-Each team is allowed 2 AAU coach passes.
-Each team will sign a waiver before being allowed to participate.


-Only bring one backpack inside the building.
-Every team must clean their trash from the bench area following their game.
-Teams & Athletes must bring their own water bottles and drinks. We will not have the water fountains on during the event.
-There will be no post-game handshakes.
-Benches will be adjusted to adhere to social distancing.
-Each athlete will sign a player waiver before being allowed to participate.