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Omaha League & Open Run

April 5-7, 2019

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Visit our event page on Exposure Basketball to register AND pay for your team(s). You must be registered and paid prior to participating in this event.


We MUST have your rosters prior to participating in this event. We use EPlay to gather your roster information. It is FREE to use and allows us to track your players’ STATS!

1.) Download the free Coach EPlay App

2.) Create your profile and team

3.) Input your rosters



This event is a Stay-and-Play event, requiring all teams and their guests in need of hotels to reserve their rooms through our hotel provider. Visit Omaha makes booking hotels easy, while finding the best possible rates. To ensure your spot in this event, make sure you book all your hotels through Visit Omaha.

You can book your rooms through this link.

If you need additional assistance, please message contact us.

Renting Vehicles?

Get discounts at Budget Rental using our tournament code (BCD at checkout) # X637455


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