Press Release
July 13th, 2018

RecruitLook Hoops is proud to present the Larry Hughes Elite Camp on July 24-25, 2018 in Kansas City. This is an invite-only camp that will bring in some of the top high school basketball recruits from across the country. The two-day event will feature a mixture of 50 national recruits in the 2019, 2020, and 2021 recruiting classes – all getting the chance to learn from NBA-veteran and skills trainers.

NBA veteran, Larry Hughes, will be the lead instructor for the Camp that will take place in Kansas City before the prestigious Sunflower Showcase basketball tournament.

Hughes has an impressive resume having played thirteen seasons at the highest level of professional basketball in the NBA. He was drafted by the 76ers in the 1st round (8th overall) of the 1998 NBA draft out of Saint Louis University, where he was named Freshman of the Year. Hughes was recognized as a versatile and athletic guard with strong defensive abilities, and was selected to the 2004-2005 All-Defensive 1st Team.

“We’ve been talking to Larry since we had his AAU team in our Sunflower Showcase last year. He’s passionate about spreading his basketball knowledge to the younger generation, which aligns with our vision and overall goal of RecruitLook Hoops,” says Mike Enright, Founder of RecruitLook. “It’s paramount that we have an influential partner like Larry to assist with the development of the next generation of basketball players. There’s no doubt that recruits will want an opportunity to learn from Larry in a controlled setting while being evaluated by college coaches.”


The Larry Hughes Elite Camp provides athletes with an opportunity to showcase their skills against elite competition, while also learning more about the game of basketball and life-skills from special guests. In addition to the drill work and skills sessions the campers will receive, the camp will focus on teaching valuable lessons off the court.

“We founded Larry Hughes Basketball Academy as well as our BTS (Basketball Training System) to develop athletes’ basketball abilities and basketball IQ — as well as their character and life skills,” says Larry Hughes, Founder of LHBA and BTS. “We share the same vision when it comes to assisting youth within the sport of basketball. We’re excited to build leaders on and off the court.”

This camp will be open to college coaches during the permissible recruiting windows starting on Wednesday, July 25th at 5pm. There will be media and scouting services in attendance, and RecruitLook Hoops will provide media coverage, interviews, pictures, and video recaps.

The camp includes: recruiting seminar, Q&A with Larry Hughes, skills and drills, player evaluations by Larry Hughes Basketball Academy, and 5-on-5 scrimmages.

The camp will feature nationally ranked recruits from all classes. The #1 overall 2021 recruit, several top 100 ranked 2020 and 2019 players, and a camp list of players ranked within their respective states. Here is a look at some of the prospects coming to the Larry Hughes Elite Camp:

Xavier Foster, 2021, Center, 6’10”, plays AAU for Pure Prep. Ranked #23 overall in his class by Rivals.

Xavier Foster

What’s not to like about a 6’11” post player that has NBA range on his jumper? Foster has risen up the recruiting ranks each year as he gets more and more confident with his game. Two years ago you would have said he was raw but with potential. Now he’s polished with still huge potential and that has NBA scouts monitoring him. Foster is a defensive presence with his ability to block shots and rebound, but his offensive skills set + shooting ability is why just about every college in the country is vying for his services.

Offers: UCLA, Mizzou, Baylor, Texas A&M, USC, Iowa, Iowa State, Illinois and others

Michael Foster, 2021, Wing/Forward, 6’8”, plays AAU for Kevon Looney Elite. Ranked #3 overall in his class by ESPN.

“On top of an impressive looking physical frame, Foster is super-skilled and wields a feathery jumper with deep range. He was unstoppable playing up two age groups on the 17u level. Foster is a legit contender for the number 1 spot in 2021.” –Eric Bossi, Rivals lead college basketball writer

Offers: Foster recently de-committed to Arizona State, and says ASU is still on his target list. Recently added LSU offer.

Watch Michael’s highlight tape

Adrian Griffin, Jr., 2021, Shooting Guard, 6’5”, plays AAU for PSA Cardinals. Ranked #17 overall in his class and the #1 SG by ESPN.

Griffin has the chance to be truly special. He’s got the genes with his brother going to Illinois and his dad, Adrian Griffin, spending six seasons in the NBA and now an assistant coach with the Toronto Raptors. Griffin has a little bit of everything in his bag…scoring at all 3-levels, mid-range, long-range, good handles, and gets after on the defensive end. It’s impressive what he brings to the court each day. Griffin was one a few selected in his class to participate in the Nike Elite 100 Camp this summer.

Offers: Wake Forest, Maryland, Providence, St. Louis, Seton Hall, St. John’s and others.

Franck Kepnang, 2021, Center, 6’10”, plays AAU for PSA Cardinals. Ranked in the top 50 overall in his class.

Kepnang was also one of a select few 2021 players invited to the Nike Elite 100 Camp, and he was recognized as being one of the best shot blockers at the camp. Kepnang is a freak athlete that is only starting to tap into his immense talents. We know he is a beast on the defensive end, and his stock will continue to rise as his offensive game catches up.

Offers: Pittsburgh, Washington, VCU, Dayton, St. Louis and others

Watch Franck’s highlight tape

Jayden Stone, 2020, Shooting Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Team Carroll Premiere. Ranked #2 overall in the state of Alabama and #67 overall in the class of 2020.

Stone is a walking bucket. He can score it in bunches and from anywhere and anyhow.. 3-pointers, jumpers coming of screens, put-back-dunks, driving in the lane… Stone can get it. He’s relatively unknown on the AAU scene coming from Australia a little over a year ago. High Major programs are starting to take notice, though, as he’s pulled in 5 offers since June.

Offers: Georgetown, Creighton, Kansas State, Rice, Murray State, Auburn and others

DaJuan Gordon, 2019, Shooting Guard, 6’4”, plays AAU for Team Rose. Ranked #148 overall in 2019 class.

Athleticism! This is what you get with DaJuan Gordon. He is explosive, bouncy, long, and extremely athletic. Has a good frame to him and will only get better once he gets on a college weightlifting program. He can shoot it from outside and has a quick release. He’s tough to defend because at any moment he can catch a backdoor alley-oop. You’ll likely find Gordon matching up on the best offensive player too. He is a nightmare with his quick hands, shot blocking ability, and relentless pressure on the ball.

Offers: Ole Miss, New Mexico, Tulsa, DePaul, Loyola-Chicago, Colorado State, and others

Watch DaJuan’s highlight tape

Lance Ware, 2020, Power Forward, 6’8”, plays AAU for New York RENS. Ranked #45 overall in 2020 class.

Versatility. Ware is listed as a power forward but he’s not your typical bruiser down in the paint. He’s more of a stretch-four that can run the fastbreak, shoot the three, and handle the ball. What college coach doesn’t want that at the college level? Ware has a sweet left-handed jumper and is fluid with getting his shot off – saw him hit a between the legs dribble to setback three that was so smooth. Maybe the most valuable part of his game…his defense. He can defend all 5 positions. He is just tapping into his huge potential. Helped lead his NY Rens team to a birth at Nike Peach Jam.

Offers: Seton Hall and multiple high-majors showing interest

Watch Lance’s highlight tape

Terry Armstrong, 2019, Shooting Guard, 6’7”, plays AAU for Kevon Looney Elite. Ranked #55 overall in 2019 class.

It’s probably easier to say “who hasn’t offered” Terry Armstrong at this point. The super-skilled wing is a playmaker that is being recruited by just about every high-major in the country. Armstrong is capable of playing at the highest level, and not just the highest collegiate level…he has NBA potential. Shooting 48% from the field and 38% from 3-point at 6’7” is going to get coaches interested. Mix in his athleticism, bounce, and college-frame…he’s going to get a ton of coaches looking at him this July. There are things that Armstrong does that separate him from other recruits… ability to shoot the three in transition off the pass or bounce, shooting the three off the 1-on-1 matchup, overpowering players going to the basket, and a freak athlete in the open court.

Offers: Michigan State, Arizona, Wake Forest, Xavier, LSU, Oregon, Arkansas, Georgia, Georgia Tech, UNLV, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Florida State, and others.

Watch Terry’s highlight tape

Tyler Cochran, 2019, Combo Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Hoopers Basketball Club. Ranked #18 overall in the state of Illinois.

Strengths: High major programs are wanting to see how he develops this spring and summer. Cochran has all the talent in the world to play Division 1 basketball, but coaches are still trying to figure out if he is a true PG or more suited for the 2 spot. He does a little bit of everything throughout the course of the game and is a true “stat sheet filler”.

Offers: Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Toledo, UIC and others

Myles Baker

Myles Baker, 2019, Shooting Guard, 6’2”, plays AAU for Team Rose. Ranked #7 overall in the state of Illinois.

“Coming off last season winning state I had a smaller role, but this year I was excited to accept the challenge of a bigger role. That role includes being the second leading scorer and guarding the best player on the other team and be a great teammate and leader.” –Baker

Offers: Kent State, St. Louis, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Cleveland State, Colorado State, Tulsa.

Jamarion Sharp, 2019, Center, 6’11”, plays AAU for Pocket City Basketball.

Jamarion Sharp is starting to get some attention on the recruiting scene, recently visiting Western Kentucky University. Sharp has some work to do on the offensive end of things, but he is a long-lanky defensive presence down low. Moves well for almost 7′ and is a tremendous shot blocker. Projects to be Mid-Major Player.

Offers: Jacksonville State, UT-Martin

Xzavier Jones, 2019, Wing, 6’5”, plays AAU for Playground Elite. Ranked #9 overall in the state of Wisconsin.

Fearless. That is the best way to describe Jones’ game. He loves having the ball in the big moment, always wants to guard the opposing teams best defender, and will never back down from any player. He’s an above-average shooter, so playing the 2 at the next level is doable. He’s at his best when playing off the ball, but he has good enough handles to play some point. We think he is best playing the wing-forward role where he can use his athleticism to score, rebound, and defend multiple positions.

Offers: Bradley, IUPUI, St. Louis, Wisconsin-Green Bay

Watch Xzavier’s highlight tape

Jalen Harper, 2019, Point Gurad, 5’11”, plays AAU for Lake County Predators (FL).

Jalen Harper is the younger brother of Auburn’s Jared Harper. He has similar style game… can shoot it from anywhere on the court, pushes the tempo well, isn’t afraid at going to the rim, and is lightning quick. Harper might be one of the fastest players with the ball going North-South that we have seen in 2019. He can flat out fly. He might be on the smaller size but you would never know it with his style of play. He won’t back down from anyone or anything standing in his way.

Offers: Kennesaw State

Amir Gholizadeh, 2019, Shooting Guard, 6’6”, plays AAU for Toronto Basketball Academy

Amir is one of the best shooters in the event. He has a pretty shot with a nice release. He can get his shot of going to his left or right…on the pass or dribble. Knows how to create space with ball fakes, jab steps, dribble…to get his shot off. Has elevated his game to add in the ability to score in the mid-range and attacking the paint.

Offers: High Point, Canisius

Tyson Acuff

Tyson Acuff, 2020, Point Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for REACH Legends. Ranked #11 in the state of Michigan.

Acuff is a tough matchup at the PG spot. He’s got a toughness to him that you just can’t coach/teach. He excels at getting to the lane and reading the defense quickly… pass to open defender on the outside, dish it down-low, or finish it on his own. His size and toughness enables him to play through contact as he gets to the rim. He has a good catch-and-release on his jumper – like how his shot doesn’t alter whether he’s mid-range or 3-point range.

Offers: Buffalo and Cleveland State

Caleb Grill, 2019, Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Next Level Hoops Academy. Ranked #3 in the state of Kansas.

Grill is a guard that does a little bit of everything…and does it well. He’s explosive with his first step and has the bounce to throw down monstrous dunks. He gets great elevation on his jumper that allows him to pull up from just about anywhere on the court. He’s athletic and knows how to play the game – son of a coach.

Offers: Washington State, Air Force, Weber State, Drake, Missouri State and others

Watch Caleb’s highlights

Jaduhkiss Soto, 2019, SG/SF, 6’6”, plays AAU for Team Speights. Ranked #27 in state of Florida

Soto plays primarily on the outside as a wing but has started to develop some moves to be effective at scoring mid-range and in. A good slasher at hitting the angles to create scoring chances, he’s good at finding the open man on slashes too. He’ll get recruited based on his superb shooting abilities, but coaches will like the different skill-sets he’ll bring to the table.

Offers: Florida Golf Coast, Florida International, Wofford, VMI, and others

Dionte Ware, 2019, Combo Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Tennessee Tigers. Ranked #14 in state of Tennessee.

All-District and All-Region, Ware is a guard that will blowup on the recruiting scene this year. From his HS coach: “He is a Guard that’s very versatile, can score many different ways; back-to-the-basket, off-the-dribble, mid-range and from deep. He plays multiple spots for us and can score on all three levels.”

Offers: Arkansas State and Canisius

Justin Headrick, 2019, Forward, 6’7”, plays AAU for Tennessee Tigers

Headrick is an All-Area, All-District, All-Conference player, and Team Captain. A perfect big for the D2 level, and can play his way into LM/MM talk with a big summer. Plays post in high school, but we see him as a better stretch-4 in college. Headrick has a nice set of post moves and extended his game to the 3-point line this year. We saw him hit 7 3’s in one game. He can also play straight up and take defenders to the rim off the bounce.

Connor Guthrie, 2019, Combo Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Pocket City Basketball. Won Player of the Year in Kentucky for Region 1.

Connor Guthrie is a 3-sport standout at Mayfield HS. He also plays varsity baseball and football. However, basketball is probably is best option for college. He was just named the Region 1 Kentucky Player of the Year! A true combo guard…he plays both the 1 and 2 spots about the same. Good at getting to the lane and scoring on mid-range and floaters, good at reading the defensive angles to get into scoring position off the ball, and a flat out hustle machine. He’ll be the first to get on the floor for a loose ball.

Tobias Roland

Tobias Roland, 2021, Combo Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Oklahoma Run PWP. Ranked as the #2 player in the state in his class.

Roland is tough combo guard that can play on or off the ball. His handles aren’t flashy, but they are good enough to get the job done. What separates him at the #1 spot is his ability to score from all over the court combined with his passing skills and court vision. His abilities with the ball in the open court are fun to watch. He has a plus jumper with range.

Matthew Stone, 2021, Shooting Guard, 6’3”, plays AAU for Oklahoma Run PWP. Ranked as the #4 player in the state in his class.

Stone can play some point guard but is suited playing at the shooting guard spot. He’s impressive with his shooting abilities from all over the court — mid-range to NBA-range, Stone can make it. He’s an extremely smart basketball player that hustles nonstop…always getting on the floor for loose balls.

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The camp is open to the public – admission $5 for July 25th only

Complete Camp List:

Xavier Foster Pure Prep 2020 6’11
Jamarion Sharp Pocket City 2019 6’11
Franck Kepnang PSA Cardinals 2021 6’10
Jimmy Bell Kevon Looney Elite 2019 6’10
Sam Thompson Larry Hughes Basketball 2021 6’9
Cheikh Ndiaye SI Select 2019 6’8
Justin Headrick Tennessee TIgers 2019 6’8
Jacob Harris Hawks Elite 2019 6’8
Michael Foster Kevon Looney Elite 2021 6’8
Lance Ware New York Rens 2020 6’8
Matt Zona New York Rens 2020 6’8
Dallas Howell Team Carroll 2020 6’7
Nic Zeil KC Pacers 2019 6’7
Paul Otineo KC Pacers 2020 6’7
Terry Armstrong Kevon Looney Elite 2019 6’7
Nate Soltis Grassroots Indiana 2019 6’6
Jacob Dust Illinois Bears 2020 6’6
Amir Gholizadeh Toronto Basketball Academy 2019 6’6
Jaduhkiss Soto Team speights 2019 6’6
Breven McMullen SI Select 2020 6’5
Carson Guthrie Pocket City 2019 6’5
Shaun Riley Team Ramey 2021 6’5
Xzavier Jones Playground Elite 2019 6’5
Willie Screws Team Carroll 2020 6’5
Adrian Griffin Jr PSA Cardinals 2021 6’5
Diamond Presniakovas Hoopers Basketball Club 2019 6’4
Dionte Ware Tennessee TIgers 2019 6’4
Sedrick Pettway Alabama Celtics 2020 6’4
Jayshawn Moore REACH Legends 2020 6’4
DaJuan Gordon Team Rose 2019 6’4
Isaiah Islam Team speights 2019 6’4
Lashwan Johnson Hoopville Warriors 2020 6’3
Tyler Cochran Hoopers Basketball Club 2019 6’3
Kyle Stivers Pocket City 2019 6’3
Matthew Stone Oklahoma PWP 2021 6’3
Tobias Roland Oklahoma PWP 2021 6’3
Caleb Grill Next Level Hoops Academy 2019 6’3
Jaden Okon Next Level Hoops Academy 2019 6’3
Jayden Stone Team Carroll 2020 6’3
Preston Urbancic Team Speights 2019 6’3
Tyson Acuff REACH Legends 2020 6’3
Quaran McPherson New York Rens 2020 6’3
Kavon Blakenship Tennessee TIgers 2020 6’2
Aidan Clarey Playground Elite 2020 6’2
Aquan Smart Pure Prep 2020 6’2
Myles Baker Team Rose 2019 6’2
Calvin Temple Hawks Elite 2019 6’1
Dashon Enoch Made Men 2019 6’1
Kaleb Thronton Hoopers Basketball Club 2019 6’1
Jalen Harper Lake County Predators 2019 6’1
Ethyn Brown Jets Ramey 2021 6’1
Derek Gray Wisconsin Dynasty 2020 6’0
Kareem May New York Rens 2020 6’0
Jalen Stamps Indy EBC 2019 5’9
Marcus Masters Toronto Basketball Academy 2019 5’9
Trequan Carrington Playground Elite 2019 5’9
Lawerence Brazil III Jets Ramey 2019 5’11
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