College Coaches

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We feature some of the best Grassroots basketball events in the country. Our events will attract every level of prospective student-athletes. We look forward to hosting you and your staff at our events!

Every single game from RecruitLook Hoops High School Showcase Events will feature Live Streaming on BallerTV

2022 Larry Hughes Elite Camp

This event is open to any college coach that wants to attend (pending NCAA recruiting calendars). It is FREE for any college coach that wants to be in attendance.

We will also Live Stream the camp games on BallerTV. We will send all the college coaches that register a roster with contact information and team assignments.


If you don’t find an answer to your question, please message Mike Enright directly. He can be reached at:

Do coaches have to purchase a packet to attend in-person?

Yes – For NCAA Certified Events. The first coach must purchase a packet while all other coaches purchase a tournament pass.

No – For NON-NCAA Certified Events. A coach can purchase daily admission to gain entrance into the event; however, they will not be issued a coaches packet.

Can coaches access the Live Stream if they purchase a packet in-person?

Live Stream + Packet orders and In-Person Hard Copy orders are separate. Coaches do not have access to the Live Stream if they purchase a coaches packet at the event.

Are game replays available with the Live Stream?

Yes. You can replay games on BallerTV and download selected games with your purchase. However, those features are only available for the weekend you are watching.

Can coaches purchase the Live Stream AND attend the event?

Absolutely! You can purchase the Live Stream option and still attend the event. You will still need to purchase the College Coaches Packet to watch in person, though.

Will recruits know that coaches watched their games?

Yes… we will inform teams which college coaches have purchased the Live Stream. We won’t inform teams on any specific games that coaches watched — only which coaches viewed the event.