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Schools that subscribe to RecruitLook Hoops Scouting Service (*NCAA Certified*) receive 50% off packet prices


Our registration process is simple.

1.) Find the division level you are in.
2.) Use our PayPal checkout to pre-order your coaches packet.
3.) We’ll send you an email to let you know we have received your pre-order.
4.) Your packet will be ready to be picked up at that tournament’s facility headquarters.
5.) We’ll create your membership account if you choose to purchase the RLH Subscription. We will email you the login credentials.
6.) If you are not attending the event, we will send you a digital copy of the packet.


We take cash, check, or credit at the door. You can preorder your packet and have it ready for you by using the checkout form above. Please note, all credit card transactions carry a 3% charge.

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RecruitLook Hoops - Omaha Showcase

Who: Boys 13u-17u
When: August 14-16, 2020
Where: Omaha, NE

RecruitLook Hoops NCAA Scouting Service - Pricing

VIP Membership = $299/year
Standard Membership = $199/year

Pricing Information

You have 3 options when attending RecruitLook Hoops events.

1.) Purchase a RLH Scouting Service Subscription + College Coaches Packet

2.) Purchase a College Coaches Packet only

3.) Purchase a College Coaches Packet – AS A SUBSCRIBER

First coach from a school must purchase a packet. You do not have to be a RecruitLook Hoops Subscriber to gain entrance into a RecruitLook Hoops Event. You can purchase only a coaches packet.

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Coaches Packet Only

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