Bluegrass Shootout

NCAA Certified


April 27th – April 29th, 2018


Mid America Sports Center
1906 Watterson Trail
Louisville, KY 40299

5-court facility to host all games under 1 roof.


Teams that are in the RecruitLook Hoops League, please contact Jarrell or Mike if you have questions about League pricing.

Non-League teams: $375/team with a 3-game guarantee. Your players will be eligible for the Larry Hughes All-League Camp if you participate in this event.


We use Room Roster for event registrations. Please follow the easy registration and checkout process – click here to register.


For RecruitLook Hoops League:

All games will be ‘Showcase-Style’. We’ll have the schedule set for the entire weekend. Each team will move up and down the standings to determine their seeding for the March Madness style bracket play at the Finale. The Finale will take place during the same time and location as the prestigious Sunflower Showcase.

For Non-RecruitLook Hoops Teams:

All games will be ‘Showcase Style’. Our staff will watch your games and invite select squads to compete at the RecruitLook Finale in Kansas City during the last live period in July. Players will also be eligible for the Larry Hughes All-League Camp.

Larry Hughes All-League Camp:

Anyone that competes in the RecruitLook Hoops Events is eligible to get invited to our All-League Camp in Kansas City. Larry Hughes will be the lead instructor, and athletes will be given basketball skills and drills, recruiting seminars, life lessons, and scrimmages in front of college coaches.

NCAA Certified Event Information


Please note the NEW NCAA Requirements for this tournament: (MANDATORY) All of the steps below must be completed by 15U-17U boys’ and girls’ teams in order to participate. Teams without approved coaches and rosters on the NCAA BBCS will not be allowed to participate in the NCAA-certified portion of this event.

Step 1 – Coaches obtain USA Basketball Gold Licenses: All Coaches must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coach License with NCAA Status. This requirement applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and any bench personnel (non-players). Allow 3 weeks for processing. You will not be able to enter your rosters on the new BBCS website (step 2) until you complete this process. Click here for detailed application instructions from USA Basketball (use the link at the bottom of the USA Basketball instruction page to start your application). START EARLY!

Step 2 – Register on the new BBCS: ALL COACHES AND ATHLETES must create individual accounts on the all-new NCAA BBCS website https://BBCS.ncaa.org. Only coaches who have completed the above Step 1 will be allowed to create accounts on the BBCS. Click here for guidelines, legislation, and step by steps on how to use the new BBCS.

Step 3 – Build Your Team Roster: The head coach must then invite their assistant coaches and players to be on their roster through the BBCS website. Click here for detailed instructions on how to build your roster.

REMINDER: Teams who have not completed all of the above steps WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the NCAA certified portion of the tournament. Coach Certification: ALL COACHES must have a valid NCAA Approval number in order to coach at this event.

Hotel Information:

We have contracted with Room Roster to provide you with lodging options while at our events. You will be directed to the hotel options after completing the registration process.

ParentsYou can quickly grab a hotel by clicking the link.

Additional Info:

Teams Check-In: 

All team coaches must check in at tourney headquarters before their first game to verify their rosters, show proof of Team Coach NCAA Approval, and to get a coaches pass. Each team will get 2 total coaches passes (1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach). Coaches passes are only for NCAA certified coaches. *no exceptions*

Team coaches without NCAA approval numbers will not be allowed on the bench. Teams without rosters on the BBCS will not be allowed to play until the roster is entered. These NCAA requirements will be strictly enforced. Also, be sure to bring a printout of the latest version of your NCAA BBCS roster with you.


In order to make sure that the college coaches attending our events have access to player names, jersey numbers and name of High School, we urge you to triple-check the information you have provided through the NCAA website. Every year several college coaches ask: “who is such and such kid? their info isn’t listed.” That is one of YOUR players that is missing out on a possible scholarship. Furthermore, we are requiring that you leave 2 typed rosters of your team at the scorers table each game. Please make 10 or 12 copies and keep them with you so you can leave 2 each time you play. This will be very important to those looking to get the most exposure & visibility throughout the tournament for their players & team.


We will be tracking player stats for RecruitLook Hoops League games, and we can only do this if rosters are updated with 100% accuracy on the NCAA website. We will use that data to input player information into our web application for statistical coverage.

Game Balls: 

Teams are responsible for bringing their own warmup and game balls.


Please make sure you check the schedule frequently and especially prior to your games for any changes or adjustments that may have been made. You are responsible for knowing where to go and when.

We anticipate releasing the schedule 3 days before the events starts.

Daily Admissions:

Friday: $10
Saturday: $10
Sunday: $10
Under 5: Free
Wristbands must be worn at all times to gain admittance. Each team will receive two (2) coaches passes. All coaches must check-in to get their coaches passes. If you do not have your wristband on at the time of your game you will be required to pay admission. Players will be admitted with uniform.


When reading, either the team on the right, or in listing, the team on the bottom is the HOME team and will wear white / light colors. However, you should always bring both sets of uniforms to the gym.

Mid America Sports Center
Tournament Headquarters
5-Court Facility : All games under 1 roof!

RecruitLook Hoops
Past Event Coverage

2017 Event Highlights

150 teams from 19 different states and Canada compete in the RecruitLook Hoops’ Sunflower Showcase event. Over 200 college coaches were in attendance.

2016 Event Highlights

Players like Jack Nunge (Iowa), Mark Smith (Illinois), James Wiseman (#1 ranked), Darius Garland (Vanderbilt), Javon Pickett (Mizzou), Zion Harmon (2021 #1 PG), Brady Manek (Oklahoma) and others were at RecruitLook Hoops Events.

2015 Event Highlights

Tons of talent again in 2015 with the likes of Colin Sextion (Alabama), Chaundee Brown (Wake Forest), Rodney Miller (Miami), Shamorie Ponds (St. John’s), Al Durham (Indiana), Malik William (Clemson) and others were at RecruitLook Hoops Events.

2014 Event Highlights

Highlighting the Sunflower Showcase was 5-star Allonzo Trier of Athlete’s First. Trier was unanimously named D1 Circuit’s MVP of the NIKE EYBL. Trier lead Nike’s EYBL circuit at a whopping 29.4 ppg, and is the all-time leading points scorer for the league.

2013 Event Highlights

Jayson Tatum stole the show at the 2013 RecruitLook Hoops’ Sunflower Showcase with a packed house of college coaches and fans for each of his games.