RecruitLook Hoops Finale in partnership with the ELITE 32

NCAA Certified - (Elite 32)

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July 11th – 14th, 2019


14u-17u Boys AAU Teams


We will be in Atlanta, Georgia — just minutes away from the Under Armour Association event that same weekend.

VENUES (*more will be added)
McEachern High School
2400 New MacLand RD
Powder SpringsGA44674 

Marietta High School
1171 Whitlock Avenue SW
Allatoona High School
3300 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW, 
Acworth, GA 30101


Teams that are in the RecruitLook Hoops League, please contact Jarrell or Mike if you have questions about League pricing.

Non-League teams: $525/team with a 4-game guarantee. Your players will be eligible for the Larry Hughes All-League Camp if you participate in this event.

Make your payment when you Register. July 3rd is the registration deadline.


You can register your team AT THIS LINK.

July 3rd is the registration deadline.


For RecruitLook Hoops League:

This is a single-elimination bracket to determine the Champion for each age group. If you lose (or after the team wins the bracket), you will be placed in the Showcase-Style Finale with On The Radar Hoops’ Elite 32.

For Non-RecruitLook Hoops Teams:

Showcase-style format. You’ll know who and where you’ll play for the entire weekend. We are collaborating with On The Radar Hoops’ Elite 32 for the showcase-style portion of the event.

NCAA Certified Event Information


Please note the NEW NCAA Requirements for this tournament: (MANDATORY) All of the steps below must be completed by 15U-17U boys’ and girls’ teams in order to participate. Teams without approved coaches and rosters on the NCAA BBCS will not be allowed to participate in the NCAA-certified portion of this event.

Step 1 – Coaches obtain USA Basketball Gold Licenses: All Coaches must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coach License with NCAA Status. This requirement applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and any bench personnel (non-players). Allow 3 weeks for processing. You will not be able to enter your rosters on the new BBCS website (step 2) until you complete this process. Click here for detailed application instructions from USA Basketball (use the link at the bottom of the USA Basketball instruction page to start your application). START EARLY!

Step 2 – Register on the new BBCS: ALL COACHES AND ATHLETES must create individual accounts on the all-new NCAA BBCS website Only coaches who have completed the above Step 1 will be allowed to create accounts on the BBCS. Click here for guidelines, legislation, and step by steps on how to use the new BBCS.

Step 3 – Build Your Team Roster: The head coach must then invite their assistant coaches and players to be on their roster through the BBCS website. Click here for detailed instructions on how to build your roster.

REMINDER: Teams who have not completed all of the above steps WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the NCAA certified portion of the tournament. Coach Certification: ALL COACHES must have a valid NCAA Approval number in order to coach at this event.

Hotel Information:

This is a Stay-to-Play event. You can get your rooms AT THIS LINK.

You are free to book on your own if all hotel rooms are no longer available. We recommend booking now as rooms are expected to go fast!

Additional Info:

Here is some quick information:

The RecruitLook Bracket Finale is posted to the website. Please click the links at the top of the page to see the matchups. Game times and locations will be announced soon. The RecruitLook Hoops Bracket is July 11th and 12th.  The remaining days in Atlanta will be showcase style games with Shun Williams’ Elite 32 event.

Shun Williams runs On The Radar Hoops — one of the most respected scouting services in the country. His events in the Southeast always attract tons of college coaches. We have teamed up with him to create a big event during the July Live Period. Shun’s April NCAA Certified event had 200 teams and more than 150 college coaches!

The RecruitLook Hoops Finale Bracket will be posted soon. It will begin Thursday morning and conclude Friday early afternoon. This is single-elimination!
All teams should be in town on Wednesday in order to play on Thursday.
If a RecruitLook Hoops Bracket team loses, you’ll then be placed into Shun’s Elite 32 event. Shun will have matchups ready for when teams lose or finish out the single-elimination bracket. Shun runs a showcase-style event, so getting the matchups will be easy.
If you did not qualify for the RecruitLook Hoops Bracket Finale and would still like to participate, you can do that in the Showcase-Style portion of the event collaboration between RecruitLook Hoops and On The Radar Hoops. Register your team and we’ll send you more information.

Atlanta, Georgia

RecruitLook Hoops
Past Event Coverage

2018 Event Highlights

3 big-time tournaments that had over 250 teams and 200 college coaches, and one of the top camps in the nation, the Larry Hughes Elite Camp.

2017 Event Highlights

150 teams from 19 different states and Canada compete in the RecruitLook Hoops’ Sunflower Showcase event. Over 200 college coaches were in attendance.

2016 Event Highlights

Players like Jack Nunge (Iowa), Mark Smith (Illinois), James Wiseman (#1 ranked), Darius Garland (Vanderbilt), Javon Pickett (Mizzou), Zion Harmon (2021 #1 PG), Brady Manek (Oklahoma) and others were at RecruitLook Hoops Events.

2015 Event Highlights

Tons of talent again in 2015 with the likes of Colin Sextion (Alabama), Chaundee Brown (Wake Forest), Rodney Miller (Miami), Shamorie Ponds (St. John’s), Al Durham (Indiana), Malik William (Clemson) and others were at RecruitLook Hoops Events.

2014 Event Highlights

Highlighting the Sunflower Showcase was 5-star Allonzo Trier of Athlete’s First. Trier was unanimously named D1 Circuit’s MVP of the NIKE EYBL. Trier lead Nike’s EYBL circuit at a whopping 29.4 ppg, and is the all-time leading points scorer for the league.

2013 Event Highlights

Jayson Tatum stole the show at the 2013 RecruitLook Hoops’ Sunflower Showcase with a packed house of college coaches and fans for each of his games.

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